【Hong Kong National Security Law】Evil law will suppress the top! UK discusses BN(O) holders naturalization regulations

【Hong Kong National Security Law】Evil law will suppress the top! UK discusses BN(O) holders naturalization regulations

The evil law of the “National Security Law of Hong Kong” will be implemented. To allow Hong Kong people who are free and oppressed to have a breath, the UK Prime Minister Johnson has publicly stated that once the evil law comes, it will open more rights to Hong Kong people. Priti Patel, Home Secretary of UK, recently sent a letter to Johnson, suggesting that the residency and working permissions should be opened for Hong Kong people, who are  holding a British National (Overseas) Passport (BNO), provide a pathway to become a naturalized British Citizenship. The transition period before the implementation of the new regulations, is specifically allowed BN(O) holders stay in the UK for longer than the original 6-month period.

An official letter sent to Johnson last Friday, Priti Patel confirmed that the UK government had announced a decision to amend the relevant regulations of BN(O) holders on the 28th of last month (May). The Home Office also discussed the relevant naturalization based on this decision new rule. It recommends that BN(O) holders and dependents can enjoy more rights to reside in the UK after entering the UK, including working and studying during the UK, and after 5 years of residence (ILR) in the UK, they can further apply for British citizenship, which is the UK The authorities are seeing BN(O) holders planning a naturalization route.

The new regulations will be based on the principle of “generosity“, so there will be no upper limits on the number of BN(O) naturalization applications, including those who are eligible for BN(O) and their spouses, as well as their children under the age of 18, and the UK side will ensure that the application process is simple, transparent, and friendly.

However, the new regulations still have restrictions, including if not being eligible for BN(O), they cannot apply for naturalization in this way. In addition, if the applicant violates criminal law before officially joining British citizenship, the applicant will be deported. Applicants are required to pay the visa and application fees themselves, and also pay the “Immigrant Health Surcharges“.

Patel also admitted that, because the current BN(O) holders are allowed to stay in the UK for only 6 months, but in the event that the  Hong Kong version of the National Security Law would be pursued at any time. Once the evil law comes, it will be able to enter the new BN(O) regulations in the UK.

In the previous transitional period, which took care of Hong Kong people. Patel, the Home Secretary, will amend the instructions for border officials to allow BN(O)s to stay in the UK for more than 6 months, but will not be allowed to receive benefits during the period. The relevant new regulations are expected to receive Johnson‘s  approval today.

Although the BN(O) policy is revised, the number of people that can be reached will be as high as 2.9 million, accounting for more than 40% of the total population of Hong Kong. However, according to the amendment proposed by Patel , the young people born in Hong Kong from 1997 to 2002 have reached adulthood. Even if their parents have BN(O)s, they may not be able to benefit under this new regulation.

Carrie Lam, The Chief Executive of Hong Kong, mentioned yesterday that Beijing’s enactment of the Hong Kong, of the National Security Law was to stabilize Hong Kong’s society, plugging the gap in ensuring national security, and warned those who “demonize and stigmatize” the National Security Law to stop immediately and not to be hostile to the people.

Eddie Chu, Pan-Democratic Legislator, said that the protection of human rights in Hong Kong by the Chinese Constitution, has become unrecognizable under the CCP’s totalitarian pressure. He criticized Carrie Lam for living in parallel time, should go to the streets and directly face the public’s doubts.

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  1. Abel

    Well maybe I am the only one that thinks this will really be awesome to see here and if this can actually move to the implemented phase, it would make a lot of difference in the life’s of most Hong Kong citizens that are satying in the sites and they can he rest assured that they would be legalised and more getting the right recognitions as citizens too. Good one

    1. Anna

      Hello Abel,

      Thank you for your comment. We are still waiting for UK Government to release the particular part. Because you know, government stuffs……. We knew that it would be hard for Hongkongese who hold BN(O) passport, to leave their home and restart again their new lifes. But this is just one of ways to save them. Anyway, you are always welcome to come across and leave us comments in future.

      Have a good day,


  2. Maria

    There are elements of the new law that, even after reading this, I admit I still do not fully comprehend. I’m not great with law, but I do believe that the National Security Law is just a futile attempt at controlling Hong Kong. I personally think that it’s about time that Hong Kong become more independent, not more under the close guard of China. I understand that the city is a major income source for China, but they have separate cultures and histories. It’s time to let them go so all of this conflict can stop. I’m sorry to hear that the policies are affecting other countries like the UK.