[BN(O) News] The second reading of Equal Rights Bill delayed to October, strive for eligibility of Hong Kong people after 1997

[BN(O) News] The second reading of Equal Rights Bill delayed to October, strive for eligibility of Hong Kong people after 1997

The National People’s Congress passed the “Hong Kong version of National Security Law”, and many countries expressed their opposition and concerned. Among them, the United Kingdom stated that once China insist to presue the National Security Law in Hong Kong, it will increase the equal rights of British National (Overseas) passports (BNO).

Alistair Carmichael, a member of the Liberal Democratic Party of Scotland, was formally submitted the BN(O) Equal Rights bill (also known as the “Hong Kong Bill“)  to the House of Commons (Parliament UK), which was passed on First Reading, and will be reviewed on Second Reading on October 23.

Hong Kong Bill 2019-21

A Bill to place requirements on the Government relating to the Sino-British Joint Declaration 1984 and human rights in Hong Kong; to make provision about immigration for Hong Kong residents including granting rights to live in the United Kingdom; and ...

Although the current “BN(O) Equal Rights Bill” is a private draft of a member of Parliament UK. A private draft of a member of Parliament has become a precedent for a government bill in previous. About the UK government‘s actions before the second reading of the draft. If China side has already changed before October, the UK Government will not stand idly by, and call on Hong Kong people to continue and speak out. Including posting on social media, so that the UK side and the international community will know the importance of the draft, and push the draft forward.

At present, the application for BN(O) has been suspended. The relevant draft actively seeks to amend the existing legislation, so that Hong Kong people born in 1997 can apply for BN(O) in their own names. Also, it proposes to have inheritance rights. If parents have BN(O), their children can “inheritthe relevant status. Eligibility to apply for BN(O) will benefit more young people in Hong Kong.

The House of Commons UK passed the “BN(O) Equal Rights Act” (Hong Kong Bill 2019-21) for the First Reading at the end of February 2020, which requires the UK to grant BN(O) Hong Kong holders the right of abode in the UK. Including the right to work, and study locally, and restarting the new BN(O) application. The Hong Kong Bill will be held the the Second Reading in the House of Commons in 23 October this year.

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