British National (Overseas) Passport Renewal Guide and Troubleshooting
British National (Overseas) Passport Renewal Guide

British National (Overseas) Passport Renewal Guide and Troubleshooting

Britain is willing to consider and providing asylum to Hong Kong people, BN(O) passport become a hot topic. At the end, the chance of BN(O) gaining the right of abode in the UK is very small? But the things have to go through parliamentary procedures, and it is difficult to judge for the time being. However, most of local citizens in UK welcome BN(O) holders to the UK.

Now everyone sees that Hong Kong passes National Anthem Law. National Security Law may be implemented in Hong Kong. China ignores the “Sino-British Joint Declaration” and destroys “One country, two systems“. As the Britain seen such uncivilized behavior, they are sympathizing and saving the people of Hong Kong, and support the true Hong Kong people to Britain. It is believed that the degree is very high.

People were born in or before 1982, who holds a BN(O), and having Citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies (CUKC) status, such Hong Kong people have a higher chance of obtaining the right of abode. If their children were born before 1997 and have BN(O), they should also have a chance.

There is no definite answer for the right of abode for the time being, but under the haze of the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law, most qualified people will renew the BN(O) before counting. We have summarized some common questions to help you understand the renewal of BN(O) Steps and details.

Who can apply for BN(O)?

BN(O) has stopped new applications. Those who once owned BN(O) can renew their BN(O) online. If the parent has filled in the name of the child in the “included child” in the BN(O) in addition, the child can also apply for the BN(O), but must be born before 1997.

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What should I pay attention to when filling in the form?

Although you would provide for information about grandparents, if you don’t know, just answer “don’t know”. Instead, the question “Which is your passport issuing authority?”. BN(O) is issuing by Her Majesty’s Passport Office, recommended to choose the option of “UKPA”, “UKPS”, “IPS” or “HMPO”, which is more convenient than choosing “Other”.

Do I need to prepare many documents? What if I lose my old BN(O)?

Indeed, there are many documents to prepare, including:

  • The original BN(O) passport
  • Two-sided color photocopy of Hong Kong permanent identity card
  • Hold original passport of other countries (such as HKSAR passport) or copy passport into full-color photocopies (required on every page, including front and back cover)
  • A certified document with the name, address, and right of abode in the past 12 months, such as taxation, education, employment records, voter ID, immigration certificate, bank letter, etc.
  • Passport photo (you can upload a digital version)

If the applicant has held the BN(O) for a long time, it will be regarded as the first passport application, and the following documents must be provided:

  • Declaration signed by counter-signer
  • Color photocopies of birth certificate of individuals and parents (if any)
  • Parent’s marriage certificate (if any)

*If the old BN(O) has been lost, you can also fill out the LS01 form in the system to report the loss.

Application fee and payment method?

The standard 34-page passport is charged at £75.50 , and the regular 50-page passport is charged at £85.50. Payment can be made with Visa or Master card.

How to send the documents to UK?

You will receive the application number in the provided email or SMS after completing the form and payment online. You can log in to the website to check the mailing address.

You can choose to send by courier/air mail after putting the required documents in a postal bag, and send to the relevant address in the UK.

If the HM Passport Office failed to receive the documents within 90 days after you completed the online application, the application may be forfeited. The new BN(O) will be sent back by courier.

General  speaking, it would take 3 to 12 weeks to send it back. You can also check the progress by applying the reference number on the website.

Who needs a countersignature?

Generally, the following four types of situations require countersignature:

  • The old BN(O) passport is lost, stolen or damaged
  • The appearance is very different from the old passport photos
  • Significant changes in personal data
  • Classified as “First Adult Passport” and “First Child Passport”.

Generally speaking, after many years of overdue, the photo needs to be countersigned because the photo changes too much. If the applicant needs a countersignature, the system will remind the applicant to download and print the countersignature declaration form after payment, and hand over to the counter-signer to fill out personal information and sign.

Who can countersign for someone else?

Counter-signer must have the following qualifications:

  • Have known the applicant for not less than two years, but not relatives, partners, or cohabitation
  • Current or retired professionals, such as journalists, nurses, accountants, teachers, etc. Can refer to the following website: Countersigning passport applications and photos
  • 18 years old or above, holding a British passport (including those holding a valid BNO) or an EU passport.

I couldn't find anyone who can countersign for me, could you please help me out?

If you do not have a professional who has known you for more than two years, and has a designated nationality as the countersigner for your application, you can try to find an official with a designated nationality who has known you for more than two years, and has signed your application.

The most basic to know the individual of more than two years, because the purpose of the countersigner is to confirm that the person of the photo is the passport holder. Unfortunately, we cannot countersign for you.

Someone hold a BN(O) and travel to Japan, but was accused of being repatriated without a visa?

Indeed, this incident happened by tourism columnist Catharine Leung. She entered Japan with BN(O) last year, was accused without a visa entering Japan, and  was repatriated to Hong Kong. But the reason was the nationality on the BN(O) was printed incorrectly. It should have been written British National (Overseas) (BNO), but was printed on British Overseas Territories (British Overseas Territories, BOTC).

BOTC has no visa-free to access Japan, but for BN(O) is no problem. The whole thing could be said to be misfortune. When you renew, you can pay special attention to the “Nationality” column if any mistakes.

Is there any differences to hold a BN(O)?

As of the first quarter of 2020, there were 184 visa-free countries for BN(O) holders, and 15 countries more than 169 for the HKSAR passport, including Myanmar, Cambodia, Haiti, and Bolivia, etc. Moreover, there are discounts for some museums in Europe for BN(O) holders, but there are a few.

Disclaimer: No.1 Chris Patten do not carry any responsibility for the external links or contents above. The announcement of HM Passport Office shall prevail if any disputes.

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