[Hong Kong National Security Law] Hongkongese renew BNO to find “ESCAPE DOOR”, DHL in Central Only Sends 50 Quotas Throughout the Day

[Hong Kong National Security Law] Hongkongese renew BNO to find “ESCAPE DOOR”, DHL in Central Only Sends 50 Quotas Throughout the Day

The approval of the “The National Security Law of Hong Kong version” by the National People’s Congress, means that Hong Kong‘s freedom is further narrowed. “Immigration” has become a hot topic for many Hong Kong people. Today, many people continue to renew their BN(O).

Dominic Raab, Secretary of Foreign & Commonwealth Office, said that he may extend the Visa-free entry of BN(O) holders to one year, which gives Hong Kong people who had BN(O) passports before 1997 a lot of hope. Even if they fail to immigrate, they may temporarily go to foreign countries. “Escape door” to avoid staying in Hong Kong inadvertently violates the National Security Law.

“Apple” journalist went to the courier company today to observe the situation of Hong Kong people sending BN(O) application forms. However, there may be heavy rain this morning. At 10 a.m. in the morning, the DHL stores in the MTR station in Central, have obviously fewer people. Some people in line indicated that they specially delivered the BN(O) application form, and some people just sent ordinary parcels. It is understood that DHL only sent 50 quotas today, to limit the flow of people and avoid long queues.

There was not a large number of people queuing at the scene at noon, but because the staff took time to process the mailing information, people also had to wait for a while before delivering the mail.

Lingo arrived at DHL at noon. He told Journalist of Apple, that because of the emergence of the National Security Law, he was worried about the future development of Hong Kong, so he recently applied for the BN(O) earlier. “It ’s a relatively big problem that affects my family ’s stay in Hong Kong to continue living”. When asked whether he would go to the local area immediately after successfully obtaining the BN(O), he said that he would still have to make a decision based on the situation in Hong Kong. If the situation in Hong Kong became bad, he would consider leaving Hong Kong.

He pointed out that he had inquired about the postal service of Hongkong Post, but at present, the Hongkong Post Office temporarily suspended the delivery of courier services to the United Kingdom, leaving only 2 to 3 months for shipping services. In the end, he did not choose to use Hongkong Post. “Always BN(O) does not want to hold back his passport, or send it in shock.”

Source: Apple Daily (Hong Kong, Chinese Traditional)

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