Review of the Global Times : why 1.4 billion people in China did not have a share of Hong Kong BN(O) Visa?

Review of the Global Times : why 1.4 billion people in China did not have a share of Hong Kong BN(O) Visa?

In the past year, the Hong Kong Extradition bill ordinances caused by the murder of Pun Hiu-wing, then caused a series of crisis. The Hong Kong Legislative Councillors of Pro-Beijing Camp, and China medias often said: “You can leave if you do not like Hong Kong, and the country (China) does not want to keep you.”

On July 1 2020, the National Security Laws of the Hong Kong, is to create a “second hand-over” for Hong Kong, other countries such as the United States, Britain, Australia, etc. built “lifeboats” to save Hong Kong people. Except for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which has always criticized and exasperated “Stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs and China’s internal affairs roughly”, “strongly condemning”. Some pro-Beijing medias, which originally yelled “Take it or leave it“, suddenly tried to list the cons of immigrants, and tried to intimidate Hong Kong people whom desperate to immigrate.

Among them, the one that been criticized the most was, of course the United Kingdom who proposed the “BN(O) 5+1 plan.” First, CCTV said that Hong Kong people can only rely on low-end jobs to live in the UK, such as moving bricks or picking fruits. Then, pro-Beijing media listed 8 “worries” of immigrants to the UK. Trains delaying, Britains paying attention to slow life, different accents, etc. are all included into the list, the reason seems to make people don’t know whether to laugh or cry. 

There is no such place in the earth where there is no “worries“, nor is there a so-called Utopia. Uutopia means, is a place where there is nowhere. Immigration has always been a big question for Hong Kong, an immigration city. Everyone or family has thought about it more or less. Of course, the final decision are reasons and to be respected. There is no need to sit in the editing room, let newspaper editors do it for themselves, and “summer up” of how miserable life is. What’s more and what age? In the age of Google, Facebook, and YouTube, it is better to listen and analyzing to Hong Kong people living in those countries, without having to edit the “selection” deliberately.

CCTV’s “low-end work theory” is actually a variation of the “second-class citizen theory.” Hong Kong singer Sam Hui wrote in the lyrics of “Helping Us Together” written in the last century “It is extremely unwilling to immigrate and become second-class citizens.” At that time, it might be hindered by language, or international vision, or education level. In general, the majority of immigrants of Ethnic Chinese were not multilingual, they were not familiar with life, and they lack other skills to make a living.

However, many people who want to leave now, are who understand English, flexible and have an international perspective. Immigration strategies messages in different Facebook pages were appeared recently, they are very different from the previous generation immigration characteristics. Retreat another 10,000 steps and stay in Hong Kong, is it the treatment of first-class citizens? Under the arrogance of the regime, when the interests of Hong Kong people have become the first? Even the “Hong Kong people as first priority” principle, which was once common sense and considered unnecessary to be stated, is considered politically incorrect.
Also, the “Mainland China compatriots” hate Hong Kong people, as long as you go to WeChat or Weibo, you will know that in the direction of “One country, one system”, the fate of Hong Kong people is very worried.

Earlier, the British think tank “Centre for Economics and Business Research” published a report, which estimated that if 1 million eligible Hong Kong people move to the UK within five years under the extremely loose BN(O) policy, it will bring up to 40 billion pounds of economic benefits to the UK, and different ways of doing things to stimulate local creativity and increase productivity. The effect of immigration has increased and decreased, and the impact on the United Kingdom and Hong Kong is also difficult to estimate. Looking at the recent message of the Facebook page about Britain buildings and immigration, Hong Kong people do not only need to move bricks, but buy British properties. There is no need to pick up fruits to make a living, at most it is picked in the back garden of the house, which is regarded as a weekend family program. No wonder Hu Xijin (Chief Editor of the Global Times) recently did not call out “the country does not want to keep you”, but instead criticized Britain’s hypocrisy while asking “why 1.4 billion people in China (including himself) did not have a share“.

Blaming on Britain such strange crisis in sudden, and the “care for Hong Kong people” is obviously purposeful. I believe that true Hong Kong people are smart enough to judge for themselves.

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  1. C.N.`

    Thank you so much for this highly informative article, Ling! As an American (a black American, at that), it breaks my heart to see so many of my Chinese brothers and sisters being mistreated because they want to make a better life for themselves. God loves all of us, and he meant for all of us to be able to live, have good jobs, make decent livings, be able to take of ourselves and our families, and not worry about physical or political bullying and violence. God created us all equally, and as such, we are to love our brothers and sisters from Hong Kong, pray for them, support them, encourage them, help them, and stand up for them when they have clearly been wronged. I am with you all, I will pray for you all, and I want nothing but the best for you all. God bless you!

    1. Anna

      Hello C.N., thank you for your comment. It’s because BN(O) holders are only for Hong Kong permanent residents and cannot apply anymore, plus China already broken the Sino-British Joint Declaration, so that’s why UK has “Hong Kong BN(O) Visa” lifeboat to save Hong Kong people such thing, and this is the responsibility of UK has to do, as Hong Kong was British colony. The editor of Global Times is pro-Beijing camp, so he was jealous on “Why 1.4 billion people in China didn’t have a share of this “Hong Kong BN(O) Visa”. It’s always sad to see how China treats Hong Kong nowadays. Thank you for standing with Hong Kong! Have a nice day!