Schools reopening in Scotland
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Schools reopening in Scotland

According to the news on Guardian UK, schools were reopening in Scotland, ended classed at the first week after COVID-19 lockdown in five months. What can they learn at school?

Parents reported such a mess during
the first day

Some parents of schools highlighted some difficulties during the first day when schools reopened. Canteens not serving hot food, rules from preventing friends from mixing, changed assess to toilets, etc. There are some people in schools who are rely on the hot meals at schools as their main meal in various reasons. Which means, they would have to find some ways to look for food.

Scotland’s national parents’ organisation pointed out that “communication” was the key:

“We know schools are working really hard, and it does come down to how individual heads are involving parents in discussions, both about the practicalities of return and also what the process will be if there is a case of coronavirus in the school.”

An primary school in Glasgow was asked to isolate for entire class this week, after a schoolmate tested as positive for COVID-19. School staffs spent the whole afternoon for iPads, so that teachers could teach remotely.

Three more schools in Greater Glasgow and Clyde are involved into COVID-19 contact tracking

According to the news on The Scottish Sun, Test and Protect teams of NHS carries out the tracking in schools fall under local health board.

Castlehead High School, Paisley, Knightswood Primary, St Andrew’s Secondary in the North East Glasgow are all on the list.

Staffs of Test and Protect Team are contacting those people on the list who are identified as main contacts. Also, those contacts are being advised to self-isolate, given appropriate advice, and support by the relevant bodies.

NHS spokesperson said:

“We ask the public to remain vigilant. The general measures to minimise the risk of COVID-19 remain the same – social distancing, regular hand washing, and being on the look-out for symptoms. Anyone with symptoms should immediately self-isolate and seek a test.”

Shocked for children of being together culture

Many young people pointed out, that’s a shock for them of being surrounded in schools after isolation and months lockdown:

“It does feel strange having so many people all together indoors,”

Guidance states that do not have to distance through primary school children, secondary should do so if possible.

However, school teachers said:

“This is a large school and it would be impossible for us all to socially distance.”

Schools were undetermined to have different rules and policies for young people in and out.

“I wear a mask on public transport or in shops and only eight people can come round to my house, but in school we’re all crowded together. I don’t think people can take it seriously.”

Teachers fear on safety due to advice ignorance

Many teachers are frustrating on ignorance of their various and safety advice on health from schools management.

Some teachers have reported their concerns about some young children are breathing directly in their faces, not allow to open windows to have fresh airflow (normally COVID-19 are alive and spreading fast in closed-area), and pupils are being surrounded during short breaks between lessons.

Updated : School will make face coverings

According to The Times,  James Gillespie’s High in Edinburgh, a leading Scottish state school announced statement to make pupils wear face coverings.

“From 0800 on Monday, August 24 all adults and pupils must wear face coverings indoors whilst moving around between classes.

“Masks, face coverings and visors are available free of charge to anyone who has lost or forgotten their face covering.”

“This decision is based on feedback from pupils, parents and staff. Pupil voice leaders, teaching unions and the school’s health and safety committee were all consulted and unanimously endorsed the approach.”

It is expected schools across Scotland will follow it the coming weeks.

Little Brief - Why Scottish schools are reopening earlier than English schools?

Scottish schools reopens early than English school, normally they start the new year in August, instead of English schools in September.

During schools closures of COVID-19 lockdown, english schools have another 3 weeks off.

The answer is : summer holidays of Scottish schools start earlier too.

The date of summer holidays in Scottish schools are different, depending on school rules. For example, the first day off should have been around 3rd July in 2020.

However, there is a full 3 weeks before Englands’ youngster take a break for summer on around 24th July.

It sounds like Scots are getting short shiefs from summer holidays, but the length of the days off are the same.

How are schools reopening in Scotland?

On 30 July, Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland said that pupils would start returning to schools on 11 August this year, to have all children back in the classroom on full-time basis by 18 August.

However, children were expected returning to school under a new model of part-time in school teaching, part time at home learning previously.

Which means, schools began reopening on a full time basis unexpectedly.

Nicola Sturgeon said:

“It is a moral and educational imperative that we get children back to school as soon as is safely possible.

She said Scotland’s cautious approach to lockdown was the main reason:

“a determination to drive the virus down and keep prevalence low, so that schools can reopen in August”.

“Given how long children have been out of school, some local authorities may opt for a phased return over the first few days,” she added.

“But we expect all pupils to be at school full-time from August 18 at the latest.”

Source : The Scotsman


Schools should establish clear statement and including rules for children, teachers and staffs how to do things during COVID-19 lockdown. Especially for pupils who are positive on COVID-19. If it continues and no information or clear statements, perhaps there may have the second, or the third wave of COVID-19 outbreak. And who will be taking the responsibilities?

Anything would like to share with us about COVID-19 lockdown in Scotland? Leave us comments below!

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  1. Brianna

    “Schools should establish clear statement and including rules for children, teachers and staffs how to do things during COVID-19 lockdown. ”

    They absolutely should be clear on everything. This is a scary time and it makes things more frustrating when they don’t communicate with the people they serve. That is ridiculous!

    1. Ling Tse

      Hello Brianna, Thank you for your comment. As they should have clear statement on everything, but it’s scary time like you said during this COVID-19 lockdown. Like you said, they should communicate with people and listen up what they say.

  2. Habib

    This was a very optimistic approach by the Scotland government but obviously not very well planned and organised. This seems a total chaos, and the way you’ve described it in your post, all this will lead to not second or third but many more waves of coronavirus. This is worrying. Hopefully this won’t be repeated in England as they are also planning on opening schools in September.

    Wishing you all good health.

    1. Ling Tse

      Hello Habib, thank you for your comment. Seems everything is a mess, plus it’s very scary time for everyone could get infected. They should talk and listen to people and teachers what they say instead of. We are very concerned on it, especially infection for everyone could be possible.

  3. Russ

    This is valuable information. My son goes back to school early September and certain easures have been taken in his class to implement distancing. the issue we have is that he is a type 1 diabetic so the risk of him catching something worries us even more. However, the school have assured they have taken measures to help with this. I am glad to hear that certain schools are back to ‘normal’. Shame about the school that had a child with covid I hope they are all ok.

    1. Ling Tse

      Hello Russ, thank you for your comment. Scottish schools reopening and we understand how it makes parents worried because of the COVID-19 lockdown. We are concerned on it, and we hope the government to make a good decision. Because there has risks still pupils could be infected. We hope your son is fine too. Stay safe.