Survey Result on YouGov: Support or oppose giving British National (Overseas) passport holders from Hong Kong to come and live in Britain?

Survey Result on YouGov: Support or oppose giving British National (Overseas) passport holders from Hong Kong to come and live in Britain?

According to the situation of National Congress in China pursue National Security Law in Hong Kong area, it caused controversy across intenational community. Plenty of Hong Kong people are continuing to apply for British national (Overseas) Passport renewal. Branches of courier service appears line up for limitation quotas in Hong Kong. HM Home Office indicated, perhaps HM Government (UK) will allow 2.9 million of eligible Hong Kong people to extend their length of staying in UK up to 12 months.

A survey turn out by YouGov, there has 42% Britons support British national (Overseas) Passport holders in Hong Kong, by offering greater rights to come and live in UK. 24% oppose, and the rest of 34% remains unknown situation. 

Dominic Raab, Secretary of UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, spoke that “Britain will not look away from Hong Kong responsibilities” while interviewed with BBC. He indicated to BBC, Britain will consider to extend the length of staying in UK to 12 months for eligible British National (Overseas) Passport Holders come to work and study in UK, this would provide a pathway to obtain British Citizenship if China confirm to pursue National Security Law in Hong Kong.

Blog of HM Home Office indicated, related steps will also cover not only for +340,000 BN(O) Holders in Hong Kong, will contain all of eligible BN(O) status in Hong Kong. Includes expiry passports, who are eligible for renewal, estimated 2.9 million Hong Kong people would be eligible in total.

Media factsheet: Hong Kong BN(O)s

China's National People's Congress has voted in support of the establishment of national security legislation in Hong Kong, and ordered that a new law be imposed. If implemented, this law would curtail the Hong Kong people's liberties, dramatically erode their autonomy, and violates the freedoms set out in the UK-China Joint Declaration, which dates back to 1984.

YouGov, UK marketing research and data analysis company, launched an online survey on May 29, asking Britons about their views on expanding the greater rights of BN(O) holders. There were 2,883 Britons participating in the survey, of which 42% of the respondents indicated to support, 24% expressed opposition and 34% remains unknown. Dominic Raab also forwarded the results of the survey on Twitter.

One more thing, British National (Overseas) is also a type of British National, would UK extend more rights for BN(O) holders? This would be more interesting, let’s wait and see!

Let us know your ideas!

Source : Blog of HM Home Office (UK), Twitter of Dominic Raab, YouGov

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