The Cancelled Memorial Day
The Cancelled Memorial Day

The Cancelled Memorial Day

The British Army, the Canadian Army, the Hong Kong Volunteer Defense Corps, and the Hong Kong Chinese Regiment fought and strove against the Japanese army for 18 days in the Second World War. However, Hong Kong was captured, and Sir Mark Young has surrendered to the Empire of Japan on 25th December 1941, which commonly known as Black Christmas in Hong Kong. The spirit of the martyrs who defended against the attack deserves recognition and respect.

After resisting Japanese aggression in 3 years and 8 months, peace came on 30 August 1945 finally to Hong Kong. The British Colonial government made the Liberation Day as a public holiday, to commemorate the soldiers who sacrificed in the Battle of Hong Kong. It was changed to the last Monday of August in 1983.

Following the 1997 handed-over of sovereignty to China, the regime has been attempting to wipe out such collective memories of HongKongers at all. They cancelled the Liberation Day as a public holiday, and eliminating sense of identity for HongKongers.

Hongkongers have been suffering and suppressing from oppression. We shall bear all Hong Kong history in mind in order to stay united against puppet tyrannies.

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  1. Habib

    Another great post from you about the cancellation of memorial day eliminating the sense of identity for the HongKongers. The matter seems a bit too tricky looking at the history etc.

    Thanks for sharing the up-to-date information with us.

    1. Anna

      Hello Habib, thank you for your comment. It’s the matter how somebody would like to wipe out the history by purpose. History is never replaced and never forget.