To Hongkongers without BN(O), We stand with you!
To Hongkongers without BN(O), We stand with you!

To Hongkongers without BN(O), We stand with you!

Liberal Democrats MP Alistair Carmichael offers a much-needed support to Hongkongers. He has said in the first week of March 2020, that “we (the UK) must uphold the promises we have made to the people of Hong Kong” by expanding rights which are available to holders of BN(O) status. Mr. Carmichael has proposed a Bill (Hong Kong Bill 2019-21) which has been passed the 1st reading in Parliament UK already. Included in the Bill, he wishes to renew applications for BN(O) passports.

Hong Kong Bill 2019-21

A Bill to place requirements on the Government relating to the Sino-British Joint Declaration 1984 and human rights in Hong Kong; to make provision about immigration for Hong Kong residents including granting rights to live in the United Kingdom; and ...

In November 2019, Liberal Democrats put it into their political platform “honour our legal and moral duty to the people of Hong Kong by reopening the British National (Overseas) Passport offer, extending the scheme to provide the right to abode to all holders.”

Liberal Democrats will push the government on Hong Kong

Our late former Leader Paddy Ashdown argued at the time of the Hong Kong handover that without the added right to live in the UK for those holding British National Overseas (BNO) Passports, Beijing could ignore the Joint Declaration. We have a duty to act and protect those we vowed we would.

China National Congress released ‘National security Law‘ on 1 July 2020. This impacts Hong Kong very much, including the position of International Financial Centre, suppress the Freedom of Speech, High Autonomy, Freedom of Press, Freedom of Rally, and independent of Justice. Which means, Hongkongers would be arrested by National Security Agents from China anytime, because of criticizing China Government in Hong Kong. A following news released yesterday on 29 July 2020, how it impacts Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Rally:

Hong Kong students held under national security law

Four students have been arrested in Hong Kong in the first police operation to enforce China's new national security law for the territory. The four were detained for "inciting secession" on social media after the new law began on 1 July, police said. A pro-independence group said those arrested included its former leader, Tony Chung.

Home Secretary announces details of the Hong Kong BN(O) Visa

The government has today released more information on the new Hong Kong BN(O) Visa, which will create a bespoke immigration route to enable British National (Overseas) (BN(O)) citizens ordinarily resident in Hong Kong, and their immediate family members, to move to the UK to work and study.

However, there have some people who could not apply Btitish National (Overseas) passports and register as British National (Overseas) status before 1 July 1997. Which means, they do not have a share with this policy statement, even if they would like to relocate.

It is because there still have some people whom couldn’t apply before 1 July 1997 for some reasons. Most of them were still in young age (most likely under 18 years old, the legal age to make decision on your own, including  documents application), and they couldn’t decide their prospects by themselves under legal age.  If the future of these people are made only by parents, and they couldn’t fight for the rights, it such a cruel and miserable destiny.

We stand with you! That’s why we have this post, and let you know that you are NOT alone.

Remember, we DO NOT belong to any political parties, or any organizations, we are NOTHING MORE THAN normal Hongkongers.

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