UK looking at measures to help for young Hongkongers without BN(O) status

UK looking at measures to help for young Hongkongers without BN(O) status

In response to the Hong Kong area National Security Law, United Kingdom, the former suzerain of Hong Kong, announced the new policy of British National (Overseas) passports, commonly known as BN(O) passport(s), to provide all eligible BN(O) holders and their families with a 5+1 years residency , and provide a pathway to register or naturalize British citizens, the program will not set quotas.

But outside believes that young people aged 18-23, still cannot benefit even if their family members are BN(O) holders. Priti Patel, Home Secretary of UK held a video meeting with Hong Kong Watch, an NGO organization in Hong Kong on 15th July 2020, in response to a question from Andrew Gwynne MP, a member of the Labour Party of the House of Commons UK. Saying that is looking at measures for young HongKongers from 18 to 23-year-old, provides the right of travel to the UK.

Andrew Gwynne MP said in the video interview, that he was concerned about many young people aged 18-23 in Hong Kong. Because they were born after 1997 and were not eligible to apply for a BN(O) passport, failed to benefit from the BN(O)5+1” program. Asked whether they would take corresponding measures to assist.


📺 WATCH: At today's @CommonsHomeAffs we had the Home Secretary before us for questioning. In my first set of questions, I ask her about the Government's promise to Hongkongers on new rules for British Nationals (Overseas) and a route to citizenship.

Priti Patel said that she is looking at a number of options, to provide Hong Kong young people aged 18 to 23 with the right to come to the UK.

According to the Guardian news, Priti Patel said in a committee of the House of Commons that they are looking actively to increase the rights of 18 to 23-year-old Hong Kong people to the UK. Since they were born after the handed-over of sovereignty in 1997, they are not eligible to apply for a BN(O) passport. She admits that the issues are complicated, but promises to conduct research.

After the implementation of Hong Kong National Security Law, UK Government announced on July 1 by Dominic Raab in the House of Commons, that China has violated the Sino-British Joint Declaration. All BN(O) passport holders and their dependants can stay for 5 years. They can live, work and study in the local area during the period, then they can apply for settlement, and apply for registration or naturalization as a British citizen in another year. According to news reports in present, the UK government already has a small ministerial group to carry out evaluations and other work.

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