Uk Parliament cross-party Hong Kong group: Proposed sanctions to include Hong Kong Police officials
Uk Parliament cross-party Hong Kong group: Proposed sanctions to include Hong Kong Police officials (Including report download page)

Uk Parliament cross-party Hong Kong group: Proposed sanctions to include Hong Kong Police officials

The international community is concerned about the human rights situation in Hong Kong. A group of cross-party parliamentarians in the United Kingdom issued the latest investigation report on the Hong Kong anti-Extradition Law movement, stating that humanitarian workers were treated “excessively by the police” during the movement. It is recommended that, the UK government sanction those senior officials who allow police violence, including Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam and Commissioner of Police Chris Tang Pingkeung.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group Hong Kong formed by members of the UK House of Commons, and House of Lords has been investigating the actions of the Hong Kong Police Force during the anti-Extradition Law campaign in March 2020. Whether international humanitarian law and principles, and the standards and requirements set by the Sino-British Joint Declaration are in conflict, an 80-page investigation report was released on Tuesday, 4th of August.

The report says that humanitarian aid workers have suffered a series of treatments including intimidation, harassment, threats, physical violence and arrests, which are far below the acceptable standards in international human rights law and principles,  and the Sino-British Joint Declaration. Among them, first respondents are the main “victim group“. The team made a number of recommendations, including the Magnitsky Act to impose sanctions against senior officials, such as Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, Commissioner of Police Chris Tang Pingkeung, and others who permitted police violence, to prevent those who had supported the Hong Kong National Security Law and encouraged police violence from the special immigration policy of British National (Overseas) Visa.



The “Multi-party Congress Hong Kong Group” also held an online press conference on the report to respond to questions from reporters. The co-chair of the panel, Baroness Natalie Bennett, says that after the implementation of the “Hong Kong National Security Law“, Hong Kong is indeed facing a “hugely difficult and unstable” situation. She also expressed her appreciation The people of Hong Kong are still fighting bravely. She believes that the UK government should lead the establishment of an independent mechanism to investigate what has happened and is happening in Hong Kong. It can cooperate with the United Nations or the International Bar Association.

Alistair Carmichael, a member of the House of Commons, also another co-chair of the UK Parliament’s cross-party Hong Kong group, pointed out that Carrie Lam and the Commissioner of Police are primarily responsible for the police violence, and that others are not excluded from the sanctions, urge the UK Government to seriously consider.

Carmichael said “This is not a problem of a few rogue officers, but is obviously a deliberate change to the Hong Kong police enforcement system. The new model is very close to the model we have seen in mainland China in the past. Carrie Lam and the Police Force are also the person named in the report, but you will see that it is not just them. Carrie Lam is just the beginning. There will undoubtedly be others. In the Magnitsky LawUnder consideration of sanctions.”

Darren Mann, a doctor who has lived in Hong Kong for 25 years, is the main witness of the group. He participated in the rescue work of the police-civilian conflict at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in November last year (2019). He later contributed an article to the international authoritative medical journal “Needles” ( The Lancet) and was published. At that time, he testified that nearly 300 injured people were not given proper first aid, and some were hit in the head by rubber bullets or fractured, and criticized the police for their inhumane practices.

Regarding the human rights situation in Hong Kong after the implementation of the “Hong Kong National Security Law“. Darren Mann pointed out at a press conference that, the situation in Hong Kong must be different in the future. “I believe it is impossible to see large-scale street protests again.” He believes that the international community and the Hong Kong government should pay attention to what is happening in the “underground” and the negative emotions of the citizens “darkside“, including in the demonstrations, demonstrators are transferred to “underground hospitals” because they dare not seek medical treatment. The Hong Kong Government should reflect on why the people continue to lose trust in the regime.

Icarus Wong Ho-yin, the Spokesperson of Civil Right Observer of Hong Kong, received an interview with this station on Wednesday (5th). He pointed out that in the past year, the Hong Kong police used excessive force to handle demonstrations, and also used high-pressure methods against first respondents, reporters, observers, etc., resulting in police-civil relations. Deteriorating, mutual trust between the Hong Kong government and the public has been lost, and the authorities have the responsibility to solve the problem.

Icarus Wong said “I think the government should respond to the clear demands of the public, which is to set up an independent investigation committee to review past events and find the truth about matters that are controversial in society. The other part is how the police force rebuilds its relationship with the public. This requires the police force to be more transparent in their actions, and to let people see that the police force fully takes human rights into consideration”.

Chinese ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming, said in an interview with the mainland state media CCTV on Tuesday, that the difficulties and changes in Sino-British relations rest entirely with the Britain side and emphasized that China has not changed. When asked whether the “Golden Era” of Sino-British relations is over, Liu Xiaoming said that seeing the UK Government‘s attitude is still relatively positive, and still agrees with the “Golden Era” and is willing to develop constructive relations with China. China will depend on the actions of the British side. .

He also said that the Britain side “has groundless accusations against the “Hong Kong National Security Act”, took measures to suspend the extradition agreement with Hong Kong, change the status of BN(O) passport holders, and criticized Hong Kong for postponing the Legislative Council elections by making irresponsible remarks. United Kingdom “interfered in China’s internal affairs” and “interfered in Hong Kong’s affairs.” Liu Xiaoming also claimed that some people in Britain “have a strong colonial mentality” and “the most typical representative is the last Hong Kong Governor, Chris Patten.”

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  1. C.N.

    Thank you so much for your hard work and diligence in presenting this information to us. It’s a shame that there are so many corrupt police officers looking to harm (or kill) the very people that they are “supposed” to protect. When the members of society are trying to make a better life for themselves and their families, especially my brothers and sisters in Hong Kong, the police should not try to get in their way, deter their efforts and control them. I’m happy to hear that the United Kingdom is trying to stop the abusive and unwarranted treatment of the citizenry. May God bless their noble efforts. God bless you!

    1. Ling Tse

      Hello C.N.,

      Thank you for your comments.

      As I knew, corrupt cops are everywhere, even in the US too. I have been to the US, and it was horrible to see how they treated a patient with mental problem. And some of them are corporated with bad guys in local. It’s really brilliant to see that George Floyd brought out this matter, and it’s been for years.

      Have a nice day and god bless you too,

  2. Aparna Bansal

    Hello, your website is fast becoming the repository of all news related to Hong Kong. I have not seen such an excellent review on any other site. Well done and may you and your editorial team achieve glory in days to come.

    1. Ling T

      Hello Aparma,

      Thank you for your comments and praise on our website.

      We would do much as we can, as tell the world that how it is now in Hong Kong, and the relation between Hong Kong and the world. Can’t help that Hong Kong lost it’s autonomy and stuffs, and the most one of lost is the freedom of speech.

      You know, Trump signed the administration order and cancelled some goods to Hong Kong, it’s because of the National Security Law.

      I hope everything is good on your side too, Aparma.

      Have a nice day,