UK planning to confront new aircraft carrier in Asia

UK planning to confront new aircraft carrier in Asia

UK media reported yesterday, that the UK Navy is planning to deploy the new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth in Asia to counter the increasing threat from China. The report stated that the aircraft carrier is expected to launch a virgin flight next year and will participate in joint military exercises with United States and Japan.

According to “The Times” UK report, UK has launched a plan to deploy the “HMS Queen Elizabeth” aircraft carrier in Asia. According to reports, the Queen Elizabeth is scheduled to begin its maiden voyage as the main force of the aircraft carrier battle group early next year.

Britain set to confront China with new aircraft carrier

Military chiefs have drawn up plans to base one of Britain's new aircraft carriers in the Far East to play a part in countering an increasingly assertive China, The Times can reveal. HMS Queen Elizabeth, the first of the two carriers to complete training, will set sail on its maiden grand voyage as the centrepiece of a carrier strike group early next year.

At that time, the Queen Elizabeth, with a cost of 3.1 billion pounds (Around 3.9 billion US dollars), will visit Asia and participate in joint military exercises with the United States and Japan and other allies.

However, Rt Hon Ben Wallace MP, Secretary of State for Defence of UK, said it has not yet decided on the deployment of Queen Elizabeth.

The Queen Elizabeth is 280 meters long and has a displacement of 70,600 tons. It was launched on July 4, 2014, and officially entered service on December 7, 2017. It is expected to be put into actual combat this year. The Queen Elizabeth ship is conventionally powered and plans to carry 24 to 36 F-35B fighters and 14 helicopters.

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