British National (Overseas) Passport cover

British national (Overseas) passport, commonly known as BN(O), or BN(O) passport. It is a type of British Passport, identity, nationality status, travel document, and enjoy the same level of consular service as British Citizenship with British National (Overseas) status in the third countries. British National (Overseas) passport was first issued in 1987, after the Hong Kong Act 1985 was announced by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as United Kingdom. From the Hong Kong act 1985, it is a new class of British nationality was created.

For holders of British National (Overseas) passport are permanent residents of Hong Kong, or who had carried British Dependent Territory Citizen and has registered BN(O).

Quick Nevigation

What nationality do Hong Kong people have?

Normally we don’t expect this happen in another country, it’s the name of population in a designated place. However in Hong Kong, this is a little complicated. People who originate from or live in Hong Kong can fall under Chinese, British Hongkongeses or even Hongkongers.

Now the main problem for people outside of Hong Kong, is to know how to call and what they prefer when talking to them.

If this refer to Wikipedia: “Hongkongers (Chinese: 香港人), also known as Hong Kongese, Hongkongese, Hong Kong citizen, and Hong Kong people, usually refer to the permanent residents of Hong Kong, in a broad sense”.

The immigration department of Hong Kong states a Chinese citizen” is a person of Chinese nationality under the PRC (Peoples Republic of China). Hong Kong residents who are Chinese descent and have Chinese parentage, or were born in the Chinese territories (including Hong Kong), or persons who satisfy the criteria laid down in the PRC as having Chinese nationality, are Chinese nationals.

Hong Kong is a special case. Hong Kong is a huge city which has a population of around 7.3 million people. In comparison, there are +8.9 million people in London, and +4.9 million people in Ireland.

Hong Kong, name in official is “the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region”,  commonly known as HKSAR, so it has its own rules and regulations related to the history under British rules and regulations, which make this city an autonomous territory.

Why UK has given BN(O), the identity to Hong Kong people?

In fact, it was because of the 1997 prospects issue that year, BN(O) became the emergence. The UK government specially formulated the legislation for Hong Kong people under the Hong Kong Act 1985. The reason behind, is that there were many colonies before under UK, and Hong Kong is one of them to deal with the nationality status of Hong Kong people.

In the past, there were many kinds of nationality status of people under British colonies, but there are still several kinds existing today. If Hong Kong people belong to the Hong Kong colony before BN(O) appears, it is “British Dependent Territories Citizens