Would BN(O) holders become the most popular immigrants in the UK?

Would BN(O) holders become the most popular immigrants in the UK?

Around two weeks ago, the Conservative Party UK reiterated, they will extend the permision of BN(O) passport holders if China does establish National Security Law in Hong Kong. Including a 12-month visa waiver, which will lead the pathway for applying for British Citizenship in the long run.

The Conservative Party’s announcement on Facebook and Twitter immediately attracted a large number of Hong Kong and British people to leave a message. Unexpectedly, many British praised the Hong Kong people for their “hard work, educated, smartness, business acumen, respect for British culture“, etc. And even thought they can move thefinancial centerto the United Kingdom when Hong Kong When people arrive.

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Such a positive reviews of immigrants rare in the internet world, but it is not unreasonable for British.

Western European countries, especially supporters of right-wing political parties such as the Conservative Party, have long disliked immigrants. They always feel that immigrants are lazy, unskilled, and robbed of welfare. Some British especially hate immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa region. However, when Hong Kong people, the national average income is higher than the Britain want to immigrate to the UK, and most of them are very competitive population (after all, the youngest BN(O) holders have completed tertiary education in Hong Kong), they are naturally being welcomed.

Some British are biased towards Muslim immigrants. They always think that Middle Eastern immigrants are related to terrorist attacks. They often accuse Muslims of refusing to accept Western Christian civilization. They believe that Western European religious civilization will be eroded by Islam sooner or later. These opinions are naturally very biased and emotional, but when they know that BN(O) Hong Kong people are quite secular and embrace history and culture of Britain, they do feel relieved.

After Brexit, the need to seek new trade links with various economies independently, has also affected London’s status as an international financial center. Some British financial professionals will give up Britain and for Europe inevitably, resulting in brain drain. If BN(O) Holders with considerable assets and technology immigrate to the UK, and may be financial professionals, they can supplement the loss of talent and labor after Brexit.

In recent years, many Britain cities have decadence outside London, and no foreign investment has been willing to settle in these areas, making regional differences severe. Hong Kong people with a lot of assets can play foreign capital. If the UK government is willing to approve certain small towns, and use the “new Hong Kong” as a solicitation, it is believed that it will attract many Hong Kong people to enter and create alternativelocal innovations.”

Western European countries have been suspicious of immigration for many years, but the original Hong Kong brand for some British people turned out to be a guarantee of immigration quality.

Britain is generally not disliked with Hong Kong immigrants, it will be very beneficial to Hong Kong people to continue and fight for more rights on the BN(O) affirmative action, and it can also become the rear of the Hong Kong people‘s international line.

After all, there are around 3 million BN(O) holders in Hong Kong, 300,000 Canadians, and 100,000 Australians. Together with other Western worlds and the increasing number of Taiwan passport holders, half of Hong Kong’s population has foreign nationality , Originally a solid foundation for foreign support.

Nowadays, does BN(O) holders really have 3 million people after 23 years? All of them are willing to move to UK?

First, we can take a look on the number of valid BN(O) holders. According the answer of Parliament UK website, the number of valid British National (Overseas) passports in circulation as at 17th April 2020 was 357,156. Birth, aging, sickness and death, no one can avoid, included these 3 million people within 23 years. Also, part of them are getting old, it is not an easy decision for them to start their new live in a new place. But for Hongkongese, they will fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong, and stay until the end. Glory be to thee, Hong Kong!

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  1. Miselis

    Due to a long history of Hong Kong with the British Government it is easy to understand the willingness of them to accept Hongkongese to a special status to be British citizens in a gradual way. I understand that people coming from Hong Kong can stay for 30 months and extendable for 30 months more in a period of 5 years. 

    So, it is clear that British citizen acknowledge the way and manners in which Hongkongese have conducted their businesses, labors and education.  With a Brexit in their neck, it is easy to understand how well it could be to welcome them. 

    1. Anna

      Hello Miselis, thank you for your comment. Yes and as you said, that’s why UK responded, and take the responsibility after China bleached the Sino-British Joint Declaration and implemented National Security Law. I think with the background of how Hongkongers educated (British style), manners, plus they are easy to accept different cultures, I believe that they will be easy welcomed

  2. Leon

    With this offer granted by the UK to the Hong Kong citizens, I believe the Chinese government must be so pissed. I read in the news that China has warned Britain to “step back from the brink” and “stop interfering” in China’s affairs after Prime Minister Boris Johnson threatened to offer 3 million Hong Kong citizens the right to come and live in the UK. It’s so sad to see what this people are facing. I hope things will turn around well for them.

    1. Anna

      Hello Leon, thank you for your comment. China has done a lot of threats and they think they are the great in the world, but unfortunately they are not, and it’s no way for China to push UK for such things, because Uk has it’s responsibility to take actions if Sino-British Joint Declaration has been bleached like China has done.It’s sad to see HongKongers are in this situation, and we will continue to do our work, spread to the world and let people see how China is.

  3. Nath

    Wow! Interesting enough to see this. Though I haven’t been following the news lately about the UK but it actually makes a whole lot of sense to see that BNO holders are actually been considered well ekigh now. Well, I would still make more readings to know indoeth about all of these. Thanks for this post though

    1. Anna

      Hello Nath, thank you for your comment. Because BN(O) is the Access and Identity which UK left it to HongKongers before handed-over to China, so that UK can speak out and responsible as they did. If you would like to know more about BN(O) (British National Overseas), you can read our article here

  4. Justin

    Hello there, thanks to you for your time and for writing such a wonderful information here which alot of people who are unaware will have a lot of things to understand about it and feel really good about it. I have some of these questions at heart and this article has helped a lot 

    1. Anna

      Hello Justin, thank you for your comment. We are appreciated that you like it. If you have any ideas about UK and Hong Kong connection, British National (Overseas), UK, Hong Kong, and human rights, let us know.

  5. TeeTeng

    This is really an educational post. I never knew that such history with Britain existed. And to think that I recently saw news about the Hongkongese making protests. It is really saddening how they are being treated as animals during protest. The extradition bill is really problematic especially if it endangers one’s sovereignty. I really hope they will resolve this issue soon.

    1. Anna

      Hello Tee, thank you for your comment. We would like to spread the world and let everyone knows about what happened in Hong Kong, how our protesters are being treated, and why those undetermined corpses been found, how UK can help. It’s very sad and the extradition bill is the factor and matter. Whether the extradition bill have been disposed, and it doesn’t mean that it has been withdrawn, Because it will come again in some days. I hope it helps!